Structured Cabling

High Performance, Low Clutter, Efficient Networks

Your physical network infrastructure affects the efficiency of all your IT

AURAVOX will build a seamless cabling infrastructure that increases network efficiency, reduces costs, and stands the test of time.

A poorly implemented physical network infrastructure can cause problems for years to come, including poor performance, high costs, and cluttered workspaces. Once it’s installed, however, you’re stuck with your cabling until you spend even more time and money fixing it.

AURAVOX’s Structured Cabling Service will provide your network with a strong foundation. Our infrastructure specialists will customize a cabling solution that efficiently and unobtrusively meets your unique business requirements. You’ll enjoy higher speeds, more workspace, reduced costs, and the peace of mind knowing your cabling was done right the first time.

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Benefits of our Structured Cabling Service include:

  • Expertise with all cabling, including IT and telecom
  • Customized networks from single office to multiple buildings
  • Lean design that saves space without sacrificing performance
  • Lightning-fast connection speeds
  • Increased efficiency and lower hardware and energy costs


Our Managed Services ensure “always on” computers, mobile devices, internet, and phones with personalized customer support.

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