Dedicated Fiber

Higher Security, Consistent Speeds, More Stable Connections

Dedicated Fiber is perfect for businesses who need a consistent and reliable internet connection above all else

Our Internet Services team will help you determine the best Dedicated Fiber setup for your business.

Dedicated Fiber is a type of internet that is private and only serves your business. It is not shared with others around your location, so security is higher and speeds are more consistent since there are no peak times. This type of internet connection is best for businesses that need to stay connected at predictable speeds 24/7, as it is backed up by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

AURAVOX’s Internet Services team can help you determine your business’s connection needs and find the best fiber setup for your requirements and budget. With our partnerships with the nation’s leading telecom providers, we’ll ensure your business has the internet connection and level of service it needs to grow and thrive.

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Dedicated Fiber’s Advantages over Broadband Internet:

  • Higher privacy and security
  • Consistent speeds, no peak or valley times
  • Equally fast download and upload speeds
  • SLA guarantees maximum uptime and swift recovery in the event of a rare outage


Our Managed Services ensure “always on” computers, mobile devices, internet, and phones with personalized customer support.

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