Broadband Internet

Lower Costs, Higher Potential Speeds, Broader Availability

Broadband Internet is great for businesses on a budget or those without strict connection requirements

Our Internet Services team will help you determine the best Broadband Internet setup for your business and your budget.

Broadband Internet is a type of connection that is shared amongst other customers in your area. This can lead to fluctuating connection speeds; more concurrent users slow your network, but fewer users give you the highest possible speed. This is an advantage if your business is not reliant on consistently fast connection speeds 24/7, or works nonstandard business hours.

AURAVOX’s Internet Services team can help you determine your business’s connection needs and find the best broadband setup for your requirements and budget. Our partnership with the nation’s leading telecom providers, we’ll ensure your business has the internet connection and level of service it needs to grow and thrive.

Want to learn even more about how high-speed T1 lines can help your employees work more efficiently?

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Broadband Internet’s Advantages over Dedicated Fiber:

  • Available in more areas
  • More affordable
  • More service plan options
  • Higher potential speeds when there are few others using the connection


Our Managed Services ensure “always on” computers, mobile devices, internet, and phones with personalized customer support.

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