We’re here to help your business thrive, with “always on” desktops, laptops, mobile devices, internet connections, and phone lines.

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At the dawn of the internet age, we were commissioned to develop a call-center computer/voice system that would operate normally even during a natural disaster. That project opened our eyes to innovative ways to use “Session Initiation Protocol (SIP),” a technology for enabling network, video, and voice communication services.

What this means for our customers is that AURAVOX is Houston’s leading expert on the services we all need to excel in today’s business world: IT networking, internet, and telecom. And ever since that SIP project back in the early days, we have been driven by two core principles:

  1. Ensure our clients are able to run their businesses without IT interruptions.
  2. Continue developing solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency, and security.

We’re driven by two core principles, which are to ensure you have ‘always on’ IT and telecom, and to enhance your business’s productivity with personalized technology.


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Small- and medium-sized businesses benefit from our fully managed IT, voice, and internet services that keep their computers, phone lines, and emails working around the clock.

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We’re more than an IT expert to our clients. We’re a trusted business partner who understands their needs and is dedicated to customizing solutions that help them achieve their goals.

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